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How can you get your ex long after a break of 2 years?

issue of Star Cat : How do you get your ex after 2 years’ time interval

We had a fight 2 years ago, something really stupid! We broke, we have not talked for 3 months. Then we are in conversation, but friends, but not close! (No idea how to put best answer: Wed response Angela too much time has elapsed
Move On

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  1. Glicious
    December 6th, 2010 at 12:00 | #1

    Well, it depends on both your hearts. You say you’re not nearby, that means it does not feel the same way or do you think he is hiding his feelings because of what happened in the past. The only way to know is if you talk about your current situation and if you want to get back together. In addition, you do because you love each other, not because it feels good or practical.

  2. T.O
    December 6th, 2010 at 12:44 | #2

    You said you are friends, but you are not nearby. The best thing to do is go one step at a time and rebuild the friendship. Try to go out with him as much as possible and while you’re at it, determine where your relationship is and where its intentions regarding when the relationship you geht.Achten to be patient and introduce yourself in a professional manner that is, stay calm and try not to look desperate. Make sure he knows he is in agreement with you if at this stage it does not, or believe they are exactly, further develop the relationship. Now that may seem contradictory, but this is the kind of respect, opportunities for you together again erhöht.Es important to: 1) take time to build your friendship and make stark2) recognize that even if does not pursue a relationship beyond friendship, let him know that you care and are always there for him no matter what he goes through-a lot of help. As a friend goes a long way! You should now be the priority at this time.

  3. Ante Vanja
    December 6th, 2010 at 13:38 | #3

    Finally, you must have a plan to get your ex. Of course, this is not always easy ˙. If you or say bad things to do, you could end up losing immer.Hier tips: 1.Be confidence that when they first met Mal2.Halten your dignity. Do not beg. It works nie.3.Don `t go for revenge. Revenge may seem like a good option for now, but if you really want a second chance, this is not the best strategy. The focus on revenge is to ensure that you never get a second chance.

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