Floored by a break-up... deeply dejected... and seriously worried about losing that one special person forever, I discovered...

The Secret To Winning Back Your Ex's Heart Quickly, Easily and Permanently - Even If The Last Words Hurled At You Were "I Never Want To See You Again!"

Take ALL The Guesswork Out Of Getting Your Ex Back And Get Them Back FAST!

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From: Brian Bold,
Author and Relationship Repair Specialist

Dear Friend...


It feels like you've been hit by a truck.

When you realize your relationship is over... it can be devastating. Whether you saw it coming... or you didn't... it hurts. And this kind of heartache and pain cuts deep.

But what really tears you apart and messes with your mind is knowing that you and your ex had something special between you.

Hi, My name is Brain Bold. I'm here to help you because I know what it's like to be crushed by a break-up. I know what it's like to "replay" every detail in your mind - again and again - wondering how doing or saying something else might have made a difference. And I know what it's like to feel helpless... out of control... and hopeless about ever finding that kind of love again.

Truth is... you can get your ex back - no matter what's happened in your relationship.

In fact, studies show that 9 out of 10 broken relationships can be saved.

You can rekindle the flame... and even make it burn brighter than ever before. The trick is to recognize that there's no time to waste. You need to make this very moment a turning point in your relationship... and in your life.

You can't change what's already been done. But you can shift gears and take the right steps to stop from moving apart any further.

And that one act alone can set you in the right direction.

If you want to have any serious chance of reconnecting with your ex, I suggest taking a different approach altogether.


Because if what you've done up to this point hasn't worked (and quite possibly, it's only driven the wedge between you deeper) you need a new approach - and fast! You see...

You Only Get One Legitimate Chance To Make Things Right

Follow the plan and... you'll soon be making many happy memories together again. Miss the mark and your one golden opportunity is gone FOREVER.

What I'm about to share with you are the tools, techniques and strategies to recover, rebuild and reconnect with your ex.

It doesn't matter what's already occurred.
It doesn't matter who's to blame.
And it doesn't matter how recent (or distant) your split.

None of that matters because it's all in the past and todays a fresh new opportunity.

You can find the spark again and have it blossom into true love -- even after a split that could have separated you and your ex forever. I know because it happened to me. And it's happened to countless others all over the world, who figured out how to put the pieces back together again.

You Don't Have To Be A Shrink or "Love Doctor" To Fix A Broken Relationship

I'm not a pyschologist, therapist, or doctor. I'm just an average guy who's seen it all... and lived to tell about it. Not only did my relationship recover, it's now stronger than ever. Life has become so much fun again.

Yet... all around me, I see people suffering. Break-ups are happening at an alarming rate.

So... I figured it's time I did something about it by sharing everything I've learned over the years about getting back together... making things right again... and experiencing heartfelt love on a daily basis.

It's real-world content - not textbook theory. Why? Because it's my belief that when it comes to the subject of relationships, experience matters more than classroom studies. I'm going to give you the "inside" perspective, so you can take it and run with it -- right away.

So sit back... relax... and get ready to reunite with the love you lost.

If getting back the relationship you've lost is your goal -- than this ultimate, fool-proof solution is perfect for you. In fact, it's the only thing you'll need to wipe away the pain and get things back on track again.

My new breakthrough course is called, "The Ex Back System." Despite the simple name, I've got to tell you that it's the most complete, fast-acting and thorough program of its kind anywhere. "The Ex Back System" covers everything you need to know about...

The 5 Simple Steps You Must Take To Lift Yourself Up... Dust Yourself Off... Get Your Life Back On Track... and Win Over Your Ex's Heart -- Fast and Forever!

It's more than just an ebook or a set of videos. "The Ex Back System" is a complete "Relationship Repair" toolbox. You'll be equipped with every possible tool to make things dramatically better between you -- no matter how messy things might have been in the past... or are at the moment.

"The Ex Back System" is the most powerful, results-producing, step-by-step program available today. It takes you by the hand and teaches you:

  • How to deal with the gut-wrenching roller coaster of emotions...
  • How to move forward and make a fresh new start with a clean slate, no matter how messy, hurtful, or recent the break-up...
  • How to correct the problems and overcome the obstacles that drove you apart in the first place, so you can reconnect stronger than ever - every single time.

And I guarantee your satisfaction - 100%. So you never have to worry for a second if this complete program will help you or not. (More about this a little later.)

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Get ready because...

You're About To Add Bounce To Your Step... Sparkle To Your Eyes... and Experience The Kind Of Profound Happiness and Contentment You Could Only Feel AFTER Getting Back Together Again Following A Painful Separation!

What if you knew these sure-fire methods to practically turn back time and transform the agonizing pain of loneliness into the comfort and joy of a long-lasting "love connection" you know in your heart is meant to be ?

How would it feel if you could give yourself this kind of gift right now?

Soon you'll be able to employ precise and super-effective ways to fix every mistake you've ever made in your relationship... instantly stop yourself from pushing your ex away even further... and increase your chances of getting back together -- starting today!

You'll know how to get your calls answered every time... how to make yourself much more appealing to your ex... and ultimately -- how to get them to fall in love with you all over again!

It is possible for you. You can get your ex back. All you need to know is... how to do it.

That's exactly what this new all-in-one solution is about.

And it's not like anything else you might have seem on the subject of winning back lost love.


Simply because it's not just an ebook. Instead, "The Ex Back System" is a comprehensive multimedia package that includes multiple videos, audios, written material -- plus as much (or as little) one-on-one personal support and coaching as you want -- to help make things happen for you in an easy, stress-free and natural way.

Every one of the "5 Steps" is there because it's an important piece of the puzzle. And each has been battle-tested in the trenches of real life experience.

Let's take a peek inside so you can see what's in store for you inside "The Ultimate Ex Back System"...

  • The One Thing You Must Do Today If You're Even Half-Serious About Fixing Your Broken Relationship! (Almost everyone gets this wrong - but NOT you! By following my street-smart advice, you'll stop unknowingly sabotaging your relationship... you'll fast-track your own emotional healing... and you'll feel happier and more self-confident than you have in years!)
  • Potent "Psychological Triggers" To Radically Change How Your Ex Feels About You - Even If The Last Words Uttered Were "I never want to see you again!" (Sure-fire methods to produce an automatic change of heart and mind to reverse the stinging effect of the most drastic and upsetting words any partner could ever hear!)
  • Little-Known, Quick-Fix Relationship Strategies To Easily Overcome Being Rejected, Abandoned, Or Just Plain "Dumped" By The One You Loved... and Who You Thought Loved You Too ! (How to innocently let them keep tabs... make it so they can't stop thinking about you... and even lead to the point where your ex practically begs you to get back together!)
  • Fast-Acting "Escape" Techniques To Help You Come To Grips With Your Break-up... Recover From It... and Emerge Stronger, Wiser and More In Control Because Of The Experience!
  • The Simple Little Timing Secret You Absolutely Must Know To Get Your Ex Back! (Warning: Get this wrong and you all but kill your chances of getting back together -- now or ever! YOU'VE ONLY GOT ONE SHOT. Here's how to make your move... how to do so the right way... and why this is pretty much your ONLY opportunity to win over your ex!)
  • AMAZING! Discover In A Matter Of Minutes The "Instant Relationship Fixes" That Work Like Magic! (Exactly what to do first... what to do next... and what to do after that so your foundation stays strong and you don't ruin your chances with a simple slip-up, or just plain BAD ADVICE you heard from somebody else!)
  • How To Literally, Effortlessly and Almost Automatically "Pull" Your Ex Back To You! (Being "pushy" only pushes them further away. But when you play your cards right, you become far more appealing... far more attractive... and far more interesting to your ex! You simply set the stage... and allow it to happen... and come back - they will!)
  • Instant "Reverse Psychology" Secrets To Stop Worrying... Wondering... and Obsessing About Your Ex At All! (Instead... imagine your ex thinking about YOU constantly -- in a more appreciative and loving way!)

And that's just part of what you'll uncover in "The Ex Back System". It's everything you need to know - to get your true love back into your life. It's about eliminating the pain by fixing the cause. That's why you should make it your priority to own this package today (In fact, you can be watching, listening, or reading any part of it just seconds from now!)

Let's take a closer look to give you a clearer picture of this all-in-one package designed to do one thing and one thing only -- help you recapture your ex's heart regardless of past words or actions.

Here's more of the "relationship lifeline" information you're about to discover in "The Ex Back System"...

  • The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made In Reaction To A Painful Break-Up... and How NOT Making These Blunders Increases Your Chances Of Reuniting With Your Ex Tenfold! (No one can blame you for your reactions when you're hurting inside - But you create more obstacles for yourself when you do what most people do! Here's all you need to know to minimize the pain without causing any more damage!)
  • The Right (and Respectful) Way To Handle A Break-Up - Even When It Tears You Apart and Goes Against Every Reactionary Bone In Your Body! (Get this part right and you've already begun the process of getting back together - And no one will ever suspect a thing! )
  • The "Magic Letter" Technique That Breaks Down Barriers... Melts Away Any Tension Between You... and Almost Invisibly Sets Your Relationship On The Path To A Full and Lasting Recovery! (And the best part is... it's exceptionally easy - even if the only thing you've ever written before was a grocery list!)
  • How To Step Back and De-Stress... Refresh and Rebuild Yourself After You've Been Knocked To The Ground and Your Whole World Has Been Turned Upside Down! (You'll come back STRONGER, more SELF-CONFIDENT, and far more ATTRACTIVE to your ex! Everyone else will notice the "new" you too!)
  • The Painful Truth About Every Shattered Relationship and Why This Seemingly HARSH First Step Is Surprisingly Effective In Ultimately Bringing You and Your Ex Together Again! (It's time to cross the bridge and move forward in your life. Here's how to do it the right way, so you're actually EMPOWERED by the experience!)
  • How To Emerge From the Battleground Of A Break-Up To Become A Healthier, More Radiant and Attractive "Catch"! (This "new and improved" version of you makes you feel fabulous again and more optimistic about your future! But the effect it will have on others - specifically, your ex - is so powerful, they'll find themselves thinking of YOU night and day and wondering why they ever let you go!)
  • The "Inside Secrets" Method That Innocently Reveals Important Details About You and Your Life Straight To The Mind and Heart Of Your Ex! (Once this information is received, it's like a seed planted in the soil that can't help but grow, expand and flourish until it manifests -- as nature intended! )
  • Why The "Reconstruction" Step Is Absolutely Crucial To Successfully Connecting With Your Ex and Building A Future Together That's Easily Capable Of Withstanding Any Future Bumps In The Road! (Here's how long you should give it - based on what has already worked for hundreds of people just like you!)
  • The Only 2 Things That Stand In The Way Of You and Your Ex Getting Back Together... and How To Know With Absolute Certainty When The Time Is Right To Just Go For It! (Remember: YOU ONLY GET ONE GOOD CHANCE AT MAKING IT RIGHT. Get it wrong and your relationship is over. Done. Finished. The end. So you'll want to be sure BEFORE you act and here's the easiest, most accurate way to know!)
  • The Right Way and The Wrong Way To Approach Your Ex When You Know In Your Heart That Despite Everything That's Happened, You Really Are Meant To Be Together! (Do this and you could be on your way to a lifetime of bliss. Screw it up and you'll only look desperate, needy, or WORSE -- obsessed... slamming the door shut on the possibility of EVER getting back together!)
  • 4 Possible Ways To Get In Touch With Your Ex When All Indications Are That The Time Is Right To Make Your Move! (WARNING: The first two methods should only be used in certain circumstances. The third can be effective if handled correctly. But the undisputed champion of every known method works so well - I strongly urge you to use it exclusively for your best possible chance at reigniting the flame of lost love!)
  • The Single Most Important Objective In Establishing Contact and... How This Sets The Tone and Determines Your Chances of Success Early On! (Here's how to beat any awkward feelings... how to have a pleasant conversation... and how to leave a welcoming "vibe" and a lasting impression!)
  • How To Put Your Best Foot Forward (While Playing It Cool) So Your Ex Sees You In the Most Positive Way Possible! (This is your moment in time - your golden opportunity to make a breakthrough. Follow these simple tips and you'll be sure to make a splash!)
  • Relationship-Fixing Acceleration Techniques! Here's How To Build Upon That First Fateful Meeting and Turn It Into A "Regular Thing" -- FAST! (Where to meet... the best time of day to connect... how to ensure your ex feels 100% comfortable during your time together... and why you should NEVER plan your next get-together on the spot!)
  • How To SMOOTHLY Pick Up The Pace and Turn Your Renewed Friendship Into A Blossoming Romance That Feels Oh So Right ! (And why it's actually EASIER and your connection STRONGER the second time around!)
  • Why Reversing A Break-Up and Renewing Your Romance and Starting A New Relationship From Scratch Require Totally Different Strategies! (Miss this KEY POINT and you could scare off your ex... seriously jeopardizing your chances of EVER renewing the special connection you once shared!)
  • Why The "Take It Slow" Approach Is Usually The FASTEST and SAFEST Way To Win Back Your Ex's Heart! (Don't worry - you'll get there soon enough only this way, there's no pressure... no expectations... and no uneasiness on anyone - so your relationship can flourish NATURALLY!)
  • When To Throw Caution To The Wind and Put Yourself "Out There" By Suggesting That It's Time To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level! (If you follow my steps, you'll know when you've got a green light. Then... you can move forward, confident that your ex will be onboard with you because you're following a PROVEN SYSTEM that works almost every time!)
  • How To Permanently Repair Any Relationship Damage... Soothe Emotional Wounds... and Smooth Over The Rough Spots So Your New Connection Is Actually Stronger Than Ever Before! (It only seems far-fetched... until it works for you! When you learn from experience and make those "course corrections" you're building a bond that can last a lifetime! After all... there's no point in winning your ex back only to hit the skids again a few weeks, or months down the road!)
  • The Plain Truth About "Cheating" and How To Effectively Resolve This Issue Once and For All! (Here's precisely what you need to do NOW to unearth the underlying issue at the root of infidelity, so you and your ex can move on and begin anew, stronger than before!)
  • Top Secret "Inside Information" About Winning Back Your Ex When They're Already Involved With Someone Else! (How to use statistics and the "psychological advantage" you already possess to get your ex back in your arms because it's ultimately the BEST SOLUTION for BOTH of you!)
  • 4 Things You Absolutely Must Do NOW If Your Ex Is Involved In A "Rebound" Relationship! (Smart, non-invasive strategies that reveal your poise, patience, and tact -- qualities that in the end, make you infinitely more appealing to your ex than any other relationship they could possibly engage in!)
  • The Single Most Important Thing You Can That Virtually Guarantees A Successful Outcome! (Despite what others promise - there's NO MAGIC BULLET that works every time... but there IS a way to fix every single loving relationship - and your solution is right here! )

I want you to know that NO MATTER WHAT - I'm going to help you get what you want.

It doesn't matter if you've only dated a few short weeks... or been married for years. Even if you feel your situation is "completely different"... the damage "irreparable"... or there are just too many "complicated" issues - I'm going to do everything in my power to assist you. And if you follow my system - your success is all but assured.

Finally... The Ultimate Remedy For Fixing Broken Hearts and Healing Shattered Relationships Is Here!

The 5 steps revealed in "The Ex Back System" represent the basics. And it's explained thoroughly, step-by-step in the videos, audios and written manuals and reports provided. And you can choose between the three available versions of "The Ex Back System" -- SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM.

The Silver Package includes:

1. The Complete, 5-Step Ex Back System Program Manual (83-page guide in PDF format -- ideal for both PC's and Macs)

2. Ex Back System Mini Workbooks (You get one workbook for each step of the program to help reinforce the key ideas as they apply to your life)

3. Ex Back System Colorful Mind-Maps (These maps provide a clear visual of the relationship recovery process to help you to see everything at-a-glance and how it relates to you personally)

4. Ex Back System Transformation Journal (A 60-day personal journal with thought-provoking questions to help keep you pointed in the right direction.)

5. Ex Back System Letter Templates (An easy, "paint by numbers" way to say the right things and make a positive impact!)

6. 60 Days of Email Updates, Reminders, Insights, and Encouragement - To help you get through the toughest part of the relationship recovery process!

The Gold Package includes:

1. The Complete, 5-Step Ex Back System Program Manual (83-page guide in PDF format -- ideal for both PC's and Macs)

2. Ex Back System Video Course (In total, you get over 477 minutes of super-effective "How To Get Your Ex Back Now" Video Coaching directly from me)

3. Ex Back System Audio Series (The complete program in Mp3 Format - perfect for your Ipod or any other Mp3 player, or listen right from your computer)

4. Ex Back System Mini Workbooks (You get one workbook for each step of the program to help reinforce the key ideas as they apply to your life)

5. Ex Back System Colorful Mind-Maps (These maps provide a clear visual of the relationship recovery process to help you to see everything at-a-glance and how it relates to you personally)

6. Ex Back System Transformation Journal (A 60-day personal journal with thought-provoking questions to help keep you pointed in the right direction.)

7. Ex Back System Letter Templates (An easy, "paint by numbers" way to say the right things and make a positive impact!)

8. 60 Days of Email Updates, Reminders, Insights, and Encouragement - To help you get through the toughest part of the relationship recovery process!

But since every relationship.... and the people involved... are unique individuals, I went way beyond the basics to provide practical advice that works in specific situations and circumstances.

That's why I created the PLATINUM version of "The Ex Back System"...

With this super-deluxe package, you get everything in the GOLD and SILVER versions PLUS...

Unlimited, CUSTOM-TAILORED PERSONAL SUPPORT and COACHING by email to help you in at any stage of the process. You get my PRIVATE email address -- and a prompt, personalized response every time. (Whatever you need in your particular situation - I'm here to help you... and I PROMISE to reply -- even when I'm overwhelmed with questions from other customers. No legitimate question or concern will go unanswered - I can assure you!)

Free Bonus Travel Vouchers (What better way to make up... than to do so in style? Solidify your love by travelling to some far off place for a romantic getaway... With these FREE BONUS VOUCHERS -- you'll save big money too!)

Exclusive BONUS Video Package -- 33 Powerful, Relationship-Fixing and Life-Changing Live Streaming Videos (To address specific situations, problems, mistakes and strategies to help get you back on track and into a loving relationship with your ex - regardless of what's happened in the past... how different your "circumstances"... or how "defeated" you might be feeling right now!)

Just Look At All The Extra Videos That Come With The Platinum Package - Over 7 Hours Of Live Streaming Video To Help You Get Control Of EVERY Facet Of Your Life!"...All Videos Are Live Streaming So There Is Nothing To Download, AND You Also Get An Audio Version As Well As Written Guides!

    Phase 1 - The Recession Phase is where you will discover many things through the Ex Back System. To help you get through this phase more easily, several powerful pieces are included here...

  • Video 1: (7 minutes 50 seconds)
    How Your Desperate Behavior Is Driving Your Ex Away

    The #1 mistake of an ex-lover is desperation. Find out why desperation drives your ex even further away -- and shows you ways that your desperation comes across even when you don't realize it. A must have for anyone wanting to get their ex back.

  • Video 2: (13 minutes 31 seconds)
    Instant Pick Me Ups And Mood Boosters

    This is a quick guide to pick up when you're feeling down. If you like to eat, this will show you the exact things to eat -- and things you want to avoid. (This helps boost your immunity, too!)

  • Video 3: (8 minutes 3 seconds)
    Instant Anxiety And Panic Relief With NLP

    As you begin this phase, it's not uncommon to be anxious.. This video will take you through powerful methods for dealing with those feelings. Not only will it help you with your ex -- you can use the same techniques when going to an interview, making a sales call, or other anxiety-producing events.

  • Video 4: (7 minutes 32 seconds)
    Reasons Why Your Ex Is Avoiding You

    If your ex is avoiding you, come here to find out why.. Not only does this give you the reasons why...and what to do about it.

  • Phase 1 - Special Situations - People come up with special situations when it comes to getting their ex back.  It's not likely that more than 2 of these special situations apply to you (after all, how can you both live with your ex, and be trying to get back with them when they live far away?)  But check it out and see if your special circumstances are covered...

  • Video 5: (10 minutes 44 seconds)
    How To Use The Ex Back System When You Live With Your Ex

    This is a tough situation, especially in phase 1. However, this short video will give you just the advice you need to get your ex back.

  • Video 6: (6 minutes 41 seconds)
    What To Do If Your Ex Is With Someone Else

    Could there be good news for you if your ex is with someone else. Yep! You'll have to check it out for yourself!

  • Video 7: (10 minutes 58 seconds)
    How To Use The Ex Back System When In School Together

    When you see your ex every day in classes, in dorms, hanging out with the same people -- special rules apply. This video shows you what to do.

  • Video 8: (8 minutes 17 seconds)
    Getting Your Ex Back When You Live Far Apart

    Believe it or not, some lovers live on opposite coasts -- so this isn't an impossible situation (though most people do want to live closer. This video takes you through a careful examination of your long distance relationship.

  • Video 9: (13 minutes 2 seconds)
    Separated With Kids

    Boy, this is so important for the kids, isn't it ? This video covers the 3 things you need to do differently, to get the most out of the Ex Back System in your situation.

  • Video 10: (11 minutes 28 seconds)
    How To Use The Ex Back System When You Work With Your Ex

    Oh man, I feel for you! This is tricky, not just in terms of your relationship, but even in terms of your career. Here's what you need to do. Often people are inclined to do some really stupid things -- this guide will show you what to avoid.

  • Video 11: (5 minutes 19 seconds)
    How To Get Your Personal Belongings Back From Your Ex

    Boy, this is a tricky situation -- and this video discusses not just belongings, but money, too. Good advice prevents you from making some easily made but huge mistakes. This guide will show you how to avoid actions you'll later regret.

  • Video 12: (13 minutes 33 seconds)
    How To Stop Your Spouse From Signing The Divorce Papers

    If this is you, special rules apply. Be sure to check this out!

  • Phase 2 - Reconstruction

  • Video 13: (6 minutes 49 seconds)
    How Did Being With My Ex Make My Life Better

    Get your notepad out and get ready to examine your feelings. By going through this guide and its exercises, you come to a good decision about whether your ex is really worth pursuing. Life is short -- are they really the one you want? The answer may surprise you.

  • Video 14: (4 minutes 54 seconds)
    Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

    How do you know? Some of the answers in this video will surprise you. A comprehensive guide to discovering this vital piece of information.

  • Video 15: (19 minutes 28 seconds)
    Emotion Control

    Get control of your emotions: after a breakup, your emotions are all over the map. This thorough & in-depth video could be a product in its own right. What's more, the valuable information in this video will guide you in gaining emotional control in all areas of your life!

  • Video 16: (8 minutes 21 seconds)
    Using The Law Of Attraction To Get Your Ex Back

    This isn't everyone's cup of tea -- but it may fit you perfectly. But just between you and me? I've used these principles and they worked for me! Even if it sounds kinda hokey, there are things you can agree with.

  • Video 17: (25 minutes 33 seconds)
    Dealing With Loneliness

    More than anything else that can trip you up in your campaign to get your ex back, it's loneliness. Here's how to deal with it in th most effective ... and fun...manner!

  • Video 18: (15 minutes 7 seconds)
    How To Stop Destructive Relationship Patterns

    Discover the 6 major destructive relationship patterns. Are you guilty of any of them? By recognizing them, you can root them out and have a much better opportunity to get back with your Ex.

  • Video 19: (22 minutes 11 seconds)
    Anger Management

    Anger is a response to hurt, it's a response to pain. So during your split, it's an emotion that's certain to come up. If you find that this is especially true for you, this is the guide you want to turn to.

  • Video 20: (32 minutes 21 seconds)
    Dealing With Failure

    No matter if it's your decision or not, you can easily feel as though you've failed. This video gives you the emotional vitamins you need to overcome that sense of failure.

  • Phase 3 - Reconnection

  • Video 21: (10 minutes 3 seconds)
    Rebuilding Trust

    Truth be told, if you're no longer together, it's likely trust's been broken. Let's face it, trust is simply required in order to have a relationship that works. This video shows you how (not to be missed!) This can help you in all areas of your life, not just romantic relationships!

  • Video 22: (12 minutes 3 seconds)
    What A Woman Needs And Wants

    Men -- are you hitting on all cylinders with your woman? Check this out to make sure!

  • Video 23: (11 minutes 57 seconds)
    Keep Your Man - What A Man Needs In A Relationship & Why He Leaves

    Women -- beware! Cross these lines and your man will be gone in a flash. Make sure your man is getting what he needs!

  • Video 24: (13 minutes 51 seconds)
    Using The Power Of Hypnosis

    ...to use with getting your Ex Back. This quick guide will give you the essential tips you need in using hypnosis to get your Ex Back.

  • Phase 4 - Reconciliation

  • Video 25: (1 minute 31 seconds)
    15 Steps Toward Improving Your Marriage

    This is a very straight-forward guide -- listing the 15 steps. A good thing to remind yourself with every day. You may want to post them where you can see them.

  • Video 26: (6 minutes 49 seconds)
    Signs Of Relationship Trouble

    In this phase, you want to keep a special watch out for these signs -- how to keep a check on your relationship and not become ex's again. An important video you won't want to miss.

  • Video 27: (35 minutes 58 seconds)
    Mastering Dating Skills By Understanding The Way Your Date Behaves

    This information-packed guide will help you understand others by describing the 4 different personalty types. What personalty type are you? Find out! And find out how to not trip over your date's hot buttons.

  • Video 28: (28 minutes 43 seconds)
    Understanding Body Language

    When you're getting back together, you're going to need this guide -- no doubt about it. While this is a deep subject, this video will get you up to speed!

  • Phase 5 - Resolution
    At this point, you'll know whether things are going to work out, or whether you need to move on. If things are going to work out, no problem -- the other videos give you what you need to keep your relationship going and growing.

    These videos are specially for you.

  • Video 29: (46 minutes 50 seconds)
    Relationship Tips & Tricks To Always Win Their Heart

    This video opens with ways to say "I love you." Do you know them all? You won't want to miss this video - so full of fun and romantic ideas it could be a product in itself.

  • Video 30: (43 minutes 48 seconds)
    Relationship Makers & Breakers

    Building first on a foundation of the function of relationships in society, this video quickly moves into describing so many things to make a relationship break -- and then goes into things that can destroy a relationship. With special tips just for men and just for women.

  • Video 31: (5 minutes 43 seconds)
    What Traits Do You Want In a Companion

    An exercise in understanding, more clearly, what it is you want in a companion (and what things someone else may be looking for.) A great way to finish and get moving on to a life of love.

  • Video 32: (7 minutes 54 seconds)
    Don't Dwell In The Past

    When you are at least friends with your ex, you want to watch this video. It will explain exactly how to not get mired in the past, and start your relationship on a new footing.

  • Video 33: (7 minutes 20 seconds)
    What To Do When You Need To Move On

    If you've decided there's no hope for this relationship, or you've decided, after all, that you simply don't care for your ex any more, this guide will get you back on your feet!

  • You Can See Why The Ex Back System Platinum Package Is Our Most Popular Order. Not Only Does It Give You The Best Chance Of Getting Back Together, It's Does So Much More!!

    The Platinum Package Will Not Only Improve Your Career Opportunities Through Confidence Building And Empowerment, It Will Improve Your Relationships With Everyone In Your Life!

    It Truly Is A Life Changing System That Can Take You To Higher Levels Of Success In ALL Areas, Not Just Your Relationship.

    ** Other Systems Charge An Extra $75.00 Or More For Private Coaching, I'm Giving It To You FREE As A Platinum Package Bonus!**

So you're going to have every answer you're looking for -- right at your fingertips -- with this "Encyclopedia of Relationship Rebuilding SOLUTIONS".

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You'll learn: How to connect on a deeper level... How to fix mistakes to minimize their negative impact... How to prevent future break-ups... How to move forward and make a brand new start - without carrying around any "break-up baggage".

But that's not all.

You'll also notice an invaluable side benefit -- the transformational effect it has on you.

You'll discover how to start feeling better about yourself immediately... how to believe in yourself again... and how to take complete control of your future - starting today. When this kind of profound change happens - your whole life improves on EVERY single level because now...

There's Nothing Life Can Throw At You That You Can't Handle!

To ensure that I live up to all this (and my personal values too), I've put myself on the line with a triple guarantee:

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  • PERSONAL ASSISTANCE GUARANTEE: (Platinum Program) I guarantee to provide prompt, professional and courteous assistance via PRIVATE email to help you with any part of the program or process. I promise to answer every related question, no matter how busy I am because I know what it's like to hurt and I know how a supportive friend can make all the difference in the world.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: I guarantee your COMPLETE SATISFACTION when you buy the SILVER or PLATINUM version of "The Ex Back System" - no matter what. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you should ever feel displeased, simply let me know within 60 days and I'll issue a full and immediate cash refund - on the spot.

Some Parts of This System Are So Loaded With Valuable Advice - You Can't Get It All In One Scoop... That's Why I've Given You "The Works" -- 3 Different Ways!

Fact is.. my methods get results - plain and simple. And I know they'll work for you too. But the thing is... you have to act fast to stop your relationship from deteriorating any further.

Your moment of power is now.

When you think about it... "now" is all we've got... and all we can count on. What's past is past. It's history. And who really knows for sure what the future holds? We live in the present and only "in the now" can we take any meaningful action.

But every day (in fact, every minute) you put off fixing things... is another day (or minute) your ex could be moving in a completely different direction -- with someone else.

So whatever you do - don't let today pass you by without taking the first step.

The moment you make your move is monumental in your life because... it represents a TURNING POINT. And once you turn the page on a fresh new chapter, a whole wide world of possibility opens up for you!

OK.... so what's a complete solution like this worth?

Well... to make the kind of BREAKTHROUGHS you're about to make, you could reasonably expect to pay $7,500 OR MORE on therapy, counselling sessions, weekend retreats, and other expensive ways just to TRY to get your ex back and make things work out. (I easily spent this and MORE in my quest to find the secrets to fixing my broken relationship because NOTHING like "The Ex Back System" existed back then.)

But you don't need therapy or "couple's counselling" to get your ex back into your life. All it takes is information and the willingness to patiently apply it.

What you need is accurate, up-to-date real-world information like...

The 5 Simple Steps You Need To Take So You Can Pull Yourself Together... Get Your Life Back on Track... and Win Over Your Ex's Heart - Forever!

What you're getting is the ultimate, no stone unturned, step-by-step system that takes you by the hand and shows you:

  • How to handle the heart-stopping roller coaster of emotions...
  • How to charge ahead and make a brand new start with a clean slate no matter how ugly and hurtful the split...
  • How to fix the mistakes... correct the problem areas... and overcome the obstacles that drove you apart -- so you can get back... find that spark again... and share a beautiful life together as a happy couple

Every step, idea and technique is easy to understand. And it's logically laid out. There's nothing complicated about it at all. And it's explained in plain English in all videos, audios, plus written manuals and reports that make up this "life-changing" package.

The PLATINUM VERSION of "The Ex Back System" is a genuine bargain with the massive bundle of videos, audios and special reports. These alone are worth THOUSANDS! And when you consider the personal, customized coaching that's included, this one's a steal!) No wonder it's become the most popular choice among buyers!

You can have it all TODAY... for a fraction of what it's really worth... or the time it took me to acquire, adapt and develop.

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I figured it just makes sense to offer this complete resource of information (and if you follow the tips inside, it will be a game-changer for you) to people who are ready to do what ever it takes to repair their relationship, and I have no doubt YOU are one of those people.

But you should know -- I reserve the right to raise the price - without warning. Realistically, I should probably be charging at least $397.

After all...

Isn't getting back together with your lost love worth at least that much to you?

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And remember, if for any reason you're not absolutely delighted with the content of "The Ex Back System" -- you have my complete and unquestioned, 60-day guarantee to protect every penny of your investment.

And judging from the feedback, my customers (See what they have to say in the P.S. at the bottom of the page) are delighted with everything they've received.

And that's the way it should be.

So if you're not happy with what you discover inside "The Ex Back System" I don't expect... nor do I want... your money. Simply get in touch and I'll happily refund your cost in full - straight away.

Okay? So there's really NO WAY you can lose! But there's a new and exciting life with your true love to be gained.

So what are you waiting for?

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Brian Bold

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"The Ex Back System" is Everything You Need To Lift Yourself Back Up... Get Your Life Back on Track... and Win Back Your Ex's Heart Forever! It's loaded with potent psychological tactics, techniques, and triggers bundled up into the most complete step-by-step program ever!

Let me show you... How to handle the mixed bag of emotions that arise with every break-up... How to turn the corner and make a fresh new start, even after EMOTIONAL DEVASTATION... How to reverse the mistakes and overcome the obstacles that drove you apart so you can reignite the flame of passion and experience true love again.

If that's truly what you want to do -- this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

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P.P.P.S. Here's what actual buyers are saying about "The Ex Back System":

"Thank You Sooo Much! Your System Really Helped. She's Already Talking About Marriage and Kids!"

"I cannot thank you enough! Your ex back system really helped. We're not official yet, but she admitted to "falling back in love with me." We're taking things slow right now, but she's already talking about marriage and kids! I've noticed the main point of your book isn't just 'getting your ex back', but to help you with the mind set to get your ex back. Once again, thank you sooo much! I will keep you updated."

-- Stan
United States
(email on file)

"He Just Sent Me A Message That He Wants Me To Be His Wife!"

"WELL, you ain't gonna believe this BUT he just sent me a message that he wants me as his wife! And what do I feel and think about that!"

-- Maria
(email on file)

"I Really Feel Like I Have A Supporting Great Friend Who Really Understands Me"

"Hi there Brian... First of all I just wanted to tell you that how grateful I am for joining your program, thanks for everything, I really feel like I have a supporting great friend who really understands me. And about the confidence -- wow!"

-- Ramona
(email on file)

"The Door Is Open Now When Before The Ex Back System... Divorce Seemed Certain"

"Hi Brian - It's been a while since I emailed you but I have some good news to report. Since I have been using your methods my husband whom I have been seperated from has said because I have been dramatically different he is holding the door open towards our relationship admitted one night he still loves me has opened up to me about things he has not told anyone. Before I purchased your ex-back system he was totally convinced he was going to divorce me."

-- Fiona
(email on file)

"I Asked Her If She Would Like To Catch Up For Coffee -- She Even Suggested The Spot!"

"Well, I went through the ----- technique last night... this is a great and powerful technique to re-establish initial contact.

I asked her if she would like to catch up next week over coffee. Brian, she totally agreed with the sweetest, biggest smile. She was totally into it...asking me when I'll be working, when I'll be off, pretty much eager to know a specific day. She even suggested the spot!"

-- Jordan
(email on file)

"Thanks For Helping Me Cope!"

"Brian, I would like to thank you for your help. Thank you so much for the information and techniques you have taught me. It has taught me a lot....It is working and has helped me cope."

-- Chris
(email on file)

"You Are Going To Be Shocked... It Only Took Me 8 Days"

"You are going to be shocked at how long it took, well maybe not. It only took me 8 days of no contact! She called and said that she missed me. We hung out and I made sure we had fun. I made sure I didn't show any sign of being sad and depressed. I just made myself seem more up beat. Thank you again!!"

-- Stan
United States
(email on file)

"I Really Appreciate Your Email Support"

"Brian, thank you for your emails and your system. I really appreciate your email support. I would like to consult with you as my case is quite special and complicated. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards."

-- Jennifer
Great Britain
(email on file)

"You're Emails Have Come Through In Moments When I've Specifically Needed Them!"

"Brian, your emails have been of great help to me. Some days more than others...This whole thing has taught me so much about patience and I've never been this patient...You're emails have come through in moments when I've specifically needed them. Thank you."

-- Jillian
United States
(email on file)

"When I Bought Your Program I Was Ok It's Not Expensive, Let Me Try This... But You Really DO Help And Motivate"

"Dear Brian, when I bought your program I was 'ok it's not expensive let me try this... it is probably a scam'. But you really do help and motivate Well done. The emails you have been sending is like a friend talking to me. Thank you so much."

-- Panos
(email on file)

"Your DVD Is Awesome"

"Brian, I just want to let you know that I have just seen your DVD. It is awesome! I have basically followed your steps from the book and also the video (I really liked the video you gave cause it was very interactive)"

-- Derek
(email on file)

"I'm Definitely Feeling Better About Myself"

"Do I feel better, more confident, now that I know I've got someone by my side to support me getting mt ex back? YES!!! Thank you! I think it will work and if it doesn't work I'm definitely feeling better about myself."

-- Mari
United States
(email on file)

"You're A Spiritual Guardian Helping Me On This Journey -- Thank You!"

"I definitely have the confidence to get her back since I started reading this. I definitely feel like you're a spiritual guardian helping me on this journey. And it's amazing to actually be able to talk to someone who's went through almost the same things as I am. Thank you."

-- Shawn
(email on file)

"Read Your Book 100 Times and... Recommend It To Everybody"


-- Andrea
United States
(email on file)

"Your Perspective On My Situation Helped Me A Great Deal"

"First of all, I want to thank you for your prompt response... it really means a lot to me and I am very grateful. Sharing my experience with another pair of ears was relieving... I needed to let it out of my system. And being able to read your perspective on the situation helped me a great deal as well. It's exactly what I needed."

-- DD
(email on file)

"Wow... A Real Person Actually Answers My Emails"

"Wow, first of all can I say that I'm actually suprised that I'm getting real email back from a real person."

-- Dusty
United States
(email on file)

"Your Emails Remind Me Of What I Should Be Doing"

"It is nice to receive your emails though, reminds me of what I should be doing to help the situation! Thank you."

-- Eve
Great Britain
(email on file)

"When I Started Getting Emails Addressing My Individual Problems, I Was Shocked!"

"When I wrote my first email to you, I have to be honest, I was expecting some robotic, auto-response email in return...but when I started getting emails written directly TO ME, by the actual Brian Bold himself, addressing MY ACTUAL INDIVIDUAL PROBLEMS AND NEEDS, I was shocked! Plus you never took more than a few hours or less to respond! I couldn't believe it, that kind of customer care is so rare these days. Keep up the good work Brian!"

-- Garnett
United States
(email on file)

"Thank God I Found The Ex Back System"

"One month ago my wife of 21 years felt it was time for us to separate. I was so confused, feeling lost and totally helpless. I made all the wrong choices to get my ex back.

Among others, I tried pleading, showing her how sad and miserable I was without her. None of it worked, all it did was make her mad, resentful, and I was still separated from the woman I love most in this world.

Thank God I found the Ex Back System! It wasn't easy at first and I wasn't sure if I could go through with it.

Then Brian personally stepped in and pointed me in the right direction. Brian started sending me emails and began guiding/coaching me each step of the way. I could tell he really cared and wants to see me succeed... I now have the right tools, the right understanding and the right person to help me get my ex back."

-- Todd
United States
(email on file)

"She Said 'I Miss Jordan Today!'"

"Her friend told me a few days ago that when him and Jackie talked on the phone a little while back she said 'I miss Jordan today!'"

-- Jordan
(email on file)

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