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August 1st, 2010 admin


Acceptable Ways to Get Your Ex’s Attention

Acceptable Ways to Get Your Ex’s Attention

When your boyfriend’s broken up with you and looks like he’s doing his best to move on with his life…sometimes it’s a hard thing to see, especially when you compare it to how poorly you’re moving on with your own. Looking for a way to get his attention without looking desperate and needy, so that maybe you two can reconnect and have a shot at doing it again? Keep reading!

There are many ways to make him take notice of you again, and while some of them are great for getting the WRONG attention, there are plenty that will help to put you in an ideal spot for reconciliation. Here are two of your better options:

1) Ironically enough, one great way has nothing to do with talking to him…only being in front of him, and being eye-catching. Looking your absolute best whenever you leave the house is great for attracting his eye again. The point is to NOT look like you’re doing it on purpose though, so what you need to do is just have a good time in the clubs where EVERYBODY goes. That way, you’ll be awe-striking as can be, and if he’s not there to see you chances are good somebody who knows the two of you will be and will carry the message of how good you’re looking. Definitely a plus.

2) A “harmless” email, voicemail message, or text message inciting some interest making him want to talk to you. A good one is usually just seeing how he’s doing, but the important part is that you make him want to call you instead of vice versa. You want to put him in the exposed position, not yourself.

How do you phrase your message to get him the most intrigued? What do you say to him once he calls? You can find out that and more by checking out the site below! There you can get a lot of excellent information all consolidated into one place with some proven techniques for getting him back. Best of luck!

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July 29th, 2010 admin


How to Win Back Your Ex’s Heart

Save Your Relationship with These 3 Counterintuitive Techniques

Trying to save your relationship can be a very difficult thing to do. There is always the worry that you’ll make one wrong move and lose the person you love forever.

Unfortunately, what feels like the right thing to do, is often wrong. Most times we should follow the ‘counterintuitive path’. When we feel like calling is when we should stay cool instead. When we feel like pouring our hearts out is when we should put a lid on it.

As a warning, the techniques you’re about to discover you may have never seen before and at first glance may look and feel wrong, but have been proven time and again to be effective in even what seems the most complicated situations.

Counterintuitive Technique #1

The first technique you need to use is to agree with and accept the fact that your ex has broken up with you. This can be very difficult to do and the chances are good that you will have a bit of an internal battle before you’re able to do so.

It can definitely help to understand why you need to accept the breakup, and how it can help you get back together. The main reason is because you need to give your ex time to respect and miss you again. The chances are that they are mad or upset with you at the moment, especially if you’ve been nagging them about getting back together.

Counterintuitive Technique #2

The second technique you need to use is to cut off all communication. You’re probably about ready to close your browser right now! Hold on, because this technique really does work. It helps you to accept the breakup and is the action that shows your ex you are serious.

By not communicating you are allowing your ex time to miss you and time to get over the reasons for breaking up. This space will be good for your mental health as well, and will help you to think clearly. It also sets you up for the next technique.

Counterintuitive Technique #3

The next step is to plan an event where you two can reconnect. But there are many critical steps in between you can not leave out! Discover all the counterintuitive and unconventional steps to make up with your ex with the Magic of Making Up System (

For more information on how to win back your ex, please visit:

I’m David Pearce. I’m 32 years old and I work for a technology firm as an IT engineer. I like to do anything that’s related to computer, hardware or software. On my free time I try to explore the best that the internet has to offer.

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July 26th, 2010 admin


Will My Ex and I Get Back Together – Getting Back Your Ex by Knowing Your Ex’s Intention

Will my ex and I get back together if he/she is ignoring me? What do you think is my chances of success?

If you are facing the problems mentioned above, it is normal to feel a bit of panic. But first, we need to examine the reason why your ex is ignoring you. Is it because both of you have just broken up?

If both of you have just broken up, then there may be a reason why your ex is ignoring you. Most probably, he/she is not ready to face you yet. Another possible reason is that you have been calling him/her too often. Sometimes, the more you try to push, the more he will want to avoid you.

In this kind of situation, it is best that you avoid contacting him/her at the moment. This serves several purposes. First, since you have just broken up, you will probably need some time to heal your own emotional wound. Second, you should take this opportunity to look at your relationship in an objective manner.

These are some questions that you will want to spend some time to think about. What are the main reasons for the break up? Will you be willing you resolve it? Do you think it is the best decision for both of you to get back together?

If you have already broken up with your ex for quite a period of time already, then it will be extremely helpful if you at least know your ex’s intention. If you know you x is still interested, it will be much easier for you to get your ex back. If he/she is already going to move on, then perhaps you should move on too.

So, how do you know if he/she is still interested? Well, has he/she been calling you after the break up?

If the answer is yes, there is a possibility that he/she will still call you, sometimes for very lame reasons. And generally, the more often he/she called, the more likely he/she wants you back.

Will my ex and I get back together ? Most relationships can be saved no matter how hopeless the situation is.
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You will also learn how to reverse the situation if you have already done those things that should NEVER be done.

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