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October 31st, 2010 admin


7 Ways To Know If My Ex Still Likes Me? These Are Proven Ways Which Will Help You Read Your Ex

You just broke up with each other with your partner as well as you still want your ex back. You are questioning yourself why your ex broke you with you and if your ex regrets his her choice to break up. You are still madly in adore with each other with your ex as well as you desire to understand if your previous partner still likes you.

Here are 7 indicators that will inform you if your ex still likes you and wants you back.

1. You partner still appears directly if up your eye balls – if your ex can still have a look at up your eye balls straightly you will know be they way your ex appears at you if he/she still likes you. If your ex is no longer fascinated with you, he/she will refrain from eye contact.

2. Your ex still initiates a discussion with you – You will know if your ex still likes you he/she will discover a method to begin a discussion with you no make any difference how short it may be. Your ex may properly even tease you or joke near to to test if he/she still will make you laugh.

3. the way in which his whole body reacts – How your ex will behave even though you are near to will inform you if your ex still likes you or not. If your ex leans toward you keeps an available posture it signifies your ex still likes you. However, if your ex leans backward then that signifies your ex is no longer interested.

4. Your ex still communicates with you – if your ex allow you messages or even calls you, it’s a warning that the ex still likes you.

5. Your ex offers you a warm smile – if your ex smiles when your path cross and appears happy to determine you , it signifies your ex still likes you. You know your ex fairly properly which means you will know if your ex is faking or if truly signifies his smile.

6. Your ex wants for being buddies – Most regularly shortly after a break up it’s really common that the ex will want you for being friends. But your ex does not truly imply it. If they still retain you actively within their life, then it signifies that the ex still likes you.

7. If Your ex still touches you lightly – If your ex still touches your shoulders or your arms it signifies that the ex still likes you.

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You Too Can Know How to Get Back Together With Your Ex in 3 Simple Steps

September 13th, 2010 admin 126 comments


You Too Can Know How to Get Back Together With Your Ex in 3 Simple Steps

Have you just break up with your ex and you are thinking “How can I get back together with my ex”? You are hoping to reconcile and get back with your ex, and this is a very common feeling that almost everyone will face.

Usually in a break up, you may find yourself sinking into a state of sadness and depression, and you will be desperate to know what can you do to get back with your ex. You may start to call your ex multiple times and beg him or her to come back to you. However, ask yourself this question “Is this going to help you win back your ex?” My answer to you is NO, and you will actually make the situation much worse, chasing your ex away even further. Hence, instead of indulging yourself in a depressed state and take impulsive actions because of your desperation, you should try to cool down and give each other personal space and time to re-think the relationship.

My advise for you on what you should actually do is to do according to the opposite of what you are feeling right now. Are you thinking of calling your ex now? Don’t! Are you thinking of staying at home all day to indulge yourself in misery? Don’t! Instead, you should follow these 3 simple yet effective steps and you will definitely have the answer to the ancient question of “How do I get back together with my ex?”

Step 1 – How to win back my ex: Acknowledge and accept the break up!

The first thing that you should do after a break up is to simply accept the break up. Let your ex know that you are fine and are willing to give each other time and space. By doing this, you are allowing your ex and you to be able to remove an immense amount of stress and tension that is often experienced during a break up. In fact, your ex needs the time and space to re-think about the relationship and this will also give you the time as well to carefully choose the options to win back your ex. My advise to you is to simply stop your contact with your ex and let him or her have their own space and time. If you ex realizes that he or she still loves you, then I am very sure they will try to get back with you again.

Step 2 – How to win back my ex: Stop your contact with your ex!

Avoid making an effort to contact your ex especially just after a break up. Communication between you and your ex should be cut off. The reason for doing this is to allow your ex and yourself to re-think about the relationship. You may be thinking that this step is counterintuitive, but by doing this, you are actually telling your ex that you are able to control your emotion and move on with your life. This will make him or her to really think about the relationship and let your ex know if he or she still wants to get back into the relationship again. In fact, this time of separation actually will make your ex to miss you again. When you are able to stop contact with your ex and give him or her time to really sit down and think clearly about the relationship, your ex will definitely realize how important you were to them.

Step 3 – How to win back my ex: Lay up your plans in advance for the Get Together

Once you have executed the above 2 steps, you can start to plan on how to get back with your ex. Think about when you will want to meet your ex, where you should meet, and also what are the words that you will want to convey to your ex when you do meet up with him or her again. In addition, this will give you a better idea of whether your ex still cherishes and loves you, and also to discover if there is any chance that you can win back your ex again.

In a matter of fact, “How to get back with my ex?” can actually be more tedious and complicated than the above 3 steps. However, they are a fantastic start to win back your ex and will increase the possibilities of you winning your ex back.

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