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How can you get your ex long after a break of 2 years?

December 20th, 2010 admin No comments

issue of Star Cat : How do you get your ex after 2 years’ time interval

We had a fight 2 years ago, something really stupid! We broke, we have not talked for 3 months. Then we are in conversation, but friends, but not close! (No idea how to put best answer: Wed response Angela too much time has elapsed
Move On

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August 31st, 2010 admin


Question by BuddyBuddy : Texas Divorce – How long to stop living as man and wife?
I am getting a divorce in Texas. My wife is willing to sign the final divorce decree but she wants to be with me until the divorce is final. I know there is a 60 day waiting period after the divorce is filed. But is there a minimum time that you have to stop living as man and wife before signing the final divorce decree in Texas?

Best answer:

Answer by jamie s
you dont have to stop living with each other at all it is you decison the divorce is just saying you dont want to be married you can still stay together

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if you stop the divorce papers during the 90 days, then want to continue wirth the D, how long will it take?

August 14th, 2010 admin No comments


Question by Jake P : if you stop the divorce papers during the 90 days, then want to continue wirth the D, how long will it take?
My wife and I filed in Feb, during those 90 days we told our lawyers we were getting back together so they stopped the divorce. Now my wife wants to get a divorce again and I do not. We have court tomorrow for child support but my ? is how much longer do I have to try and fix our marriage? When does the divorce finalize?

Best answer:

Answer by CoeyG
If you reconcile you have to start all over with the divorce. The reconciliation rendered the original divorce proceedings null and void. Depending upon your state you may have to go through a period of separation (3-9 months) prior to the divorce papers being filed if your state require it. If not you will have to start all over with the filing and entire divorce. When it will be finalized will depend upon how long it takes to go through the court system again.

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